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We are the Energy Management Consultants and Energy Service Company (ESCO)

Want to Minimize your TNB Bill?

We, iBright Great Resources Sdn. Bhd, are an Energy Management Consultants and Energy Service Company (ESCO) in Malaysia. Above all, we pride ourselves as being experts in managing your energy needs.

Do you know if you have maximized your savings on your energy bill? Are you up to date on your maximum demands numbers and are you managing your maximum demand? What is your energy profile and how are you compared to others in your industry? Did you know that, controlling your maximum demand is the most efficient way to lower your energy costs. In short, if you do not know your energy consumption data, you might be overpaying Tenaga each month, impacting your bottom line.

Our expertise includes auditing your energy usage, finding and managing your maximum demand, monitoring your energy consumption in real-time and giving you your load profile trend. This is followed up by consultations so that you can become more energy efficient. In short, we are able to help you save money by lowering your energy consumption.

As a result of this, we are also able to help you acquire and monitor different environmental, machinery and energy readings and then controlling the situation. This is also because we are experienced engineering project managers with experience in security and authentication as well.

Our clients who have benefitted from our services includes those from the manufacturing industry to hospitals and malls.

If you are a large consumer of energy or just in need of some consultancy, just drop us a line at or through our contact form. In addition, we even offer a free TNB bill analysis for you.

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