Energy Reselling Solutions

Energy Reselling Provides an Opportunity for Commercial Building Owners to have an Additional Revenue Stream

Building owners and tenants pay for electricity at different tariff rates. Tenants pay more per kWh compared to building owners. Energy reselling offers an innovative approach to generating additional revenue by leveraging the differences in tariff rates.

Profit from Energy Reselling

Gross profit is between 8% to 12%. This is based on our experience for implemented systems for our clients.

What is Energy Reselling?

Building owner and tenants purchase electricity directly from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) at tariff rates set by our government. Commercial buildings typically use Medium Voltage (Tariff C) which costs less per unit of energy (kWh) compared to Low Voltage (Tariff B) tenants use.

Energy reselling enables the building owner to purchase electricity at Tariff C and resell it to the tenants at Tariff B.

System Designed to Comply with the Electricity Supply Act

  • Application of Embedded Distributors License from Malaysian Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) for rights to resell electricity within your premises.
  • Suitable electricity meters with current transformers (CTs).
  • Check meter for large energy consumers.
  • Billing to follow the Tariff rates set by the government.
  • Generate electricity bills fulfilling License requirements.

High Availability Configuration

We can design a energy metering system which has minimum interruption of power supply to critical infrastructure, such as server rooms and cold rooms. High availability options are available depending on your tenant’s requirements and the service level you wish to provide to your tenants.

Remote Power Disconnect

For errand tenants, our system can provide you with a system to remotely disconnect electricity supply. Do note, License holders must comply to license requirements before disconnecting electricity to the tenants. Sufficient and appropriate notices must be issued. But don’t worry – we can assist you with this.

Smart Electricity Revenue Meters

Smart electricity revenue meters can provide a multitude of electricity data that can be used for electricity billing and energy management. It is capable of sending electricity data to a metering server for compilation and bill generation.

Meters we supply shall comply with regulations and include the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Approval by the Energy Commission
  • Certificate of Approval by SIRIM
  • Test Report by Certified Calibration and Testing Laboratory

Meter Communication

We offer several methods of creating a data network between all the smart electricity revenue meters to metering server:

  • Twisted pair cables: For indoor premises
  • Fiber optic cables: For outdoor & long distance connections
  • Cellular 4G broadband: For premises unreachable by cables

Industrial Grade Switches and Routers

Electricity meters are typically placed in risers or mechanical and electrical rooms exposed to high temperatures and dust. We recommended installing industrial-grade switches and routers for a reliable connection. We have partnered with industrial network vendors to bring you a comprehensive selection of industrial networking equipment.

Data Concentrator

A data concentrator acts as a central hub in a data collection network, bridging the gap between individual meters and the metering server. Using data concentrators can reduce the cabling cost when installing smart electricity revenue meters.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

The entire system is called Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) – a network of smart meters, communication infrastructure, and data management systems that empower building owner and tenants abilities to gain real-time insights into their energy usage.

Automatic Bill Generation

Electricity bills can be generated automatically using the data stored in the metering server. This method reduces the time and effort of traditional methods of manual meter reading and data entry.

Tenant Management Software

Data collected from the metering server can be connected to existing accounting or tenant management software via API to display energy management data, invoicing, and alerting.

Energy Management

Smart Electricity Revenue Meter is capable of collecting more than consumption (kWh) data. It can monitor voltage, current, power factor, and more. This data is beneficial for troubleshooting, detecting outages, energy management.


  • Revenue Generation: Earn by buying electricity at a lower rate and reselling it to tenants at a higher rate.
  • Service and Maintenance Cost Recovery: The building owner maintains the infrastructure for electricity distribution to the tenants. Use the revenue generated from energy reselling to recover the cost spent on infrastructure maintenance.
  • No Impact on Tenant Electricity Cost: Tenant will continue to pay for electricity at the same tariff rate.
  • Comply with Regulations: We will assist you in applying for Embedded Distributors License from the Malaysian Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga). You can resell energy legally within your premises with this license.
  • Automated Metering System: Eliminate the need for manual meter readings and gain instant access to consumption data through a user-friendly interface. This eliminates the time and resource expenditure associated with manual meter reading methods.
  • Energy Management: You will have half-hourly data on your tenant’s electricity usage. This data is useful for identifying high-energy tenants and managing the building’s Maximum Demand.
  • More Responsive Service: Maintenance personnel can directly troubleshoot tenants’ electrical issues without dependence on TNB. This helps tenants reduce operational downtime.

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