Remote Data Acquisition and Monitoring Systems

Do you know what is happening?

Whether you are running a factory, a building, a chiller plant or even a farm, you will need to keep an eye out on certain things. Monitoring things like temperature, humidity, flor rate, power failures, maximum demand or even light levels can bring efficiency to your business. Being able to monitor and be alerted to critical changes can be the difference to whether you save costs or lose money.

remote monitoring of sensors

How we can help you

At Ibright Great Resources, we are able to monitor your main concerns through gateways. The proper sensors are connected to the gateway and the gateway will be sending data to a server through various methods such as SMS, mobile internet, LAN, broadband and even a good old dial-up modem. This allows us to setup this system in just about any location.

All you will need is the right sensors and the gateway, we will provide the server for you. This will allow us to monitor your sensors and send you an alert when a predefined limit is reached. Your assigned personnel will be notified either through SMS or email. We can even escalate or repeat the alert until the situation is resolved.

We will even build in a fail safe for the system. If the gateway has not reported within a specific time frame we will send an alert to you. The gateway itself will also be made to withstand surges and power failures for at least four hours.

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